Branding Contest

We are proud to introduce the new Branding Contest for the 2022-2023 school year! This contest does not take the place of our Pin Design Competition or T-Shirt Design Competition. Those two competitions will transition this year to mimic those held at the National Leadership & Skills Conference by being held in person in Greenville, South Carolina at our State Leadership & Skills Conference which will include displays, interviews, and more. This allows for dozens of our members to showcase their amazing skills at our state conference.

Our Branding Contest will now be used to determine our State Pin, State T-Shirt, State Banner, and State App Cover for the year. This contest is separate from all others and does not eliminate students from competing in any events at our state and national levels. Below are the rules and guidelines for the competitions along with a submission template and example. You may also find a PDF download of these rules & guidelines below. This year, there is no limit on submissions by a school, just a limit of one submission per student. This is open to middle school and high school students.

Submissions Due: October 22, 2022 by 7:00 AM

This year’s state theme is:

SkillsUSA South Carolina: Rise Up


SkillsUSA South Carolina is a nonprofit organization serving students in Career & Technical Education programs in South Carolina by developing the personal, workplace, and technical skills grounded in academics that are needed for career success within the skilled trades. Starting this year, student members are invited to create a cohesive design package that reflects the theme, the state, and the organization. This year, the winning design will be selected by a judging panel.

Some ways the designs may be used:

  • T-Shirts and trading pins are distributed to conference participants during the State Leadership & Skills Conference (SLSC)

  • The conference /state app homepage graphic, social media, and conference programs.

  • The banner may be displayed during events and carried during the annual Parade of States during the 2022 National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC).

  • At NLSC, trading state pins is a popular activity among attendees, and the winning pin design will be provided to the state delegation.

  • Any publications, recruitment materials, marketing materials, and partnership materials may include the design.

SkillsUSA South Carolina has a reputation for high quality, student-produced designs, and this year is no different! While this is the first year for this contest, we do have an example of a winner in the Florida Branding Design Contest that can be located on this page (above). Submissions are due by October 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM.


If you have any issues or questions, please email


The Rules

Participating students do not have to currently be a member of SkillsUSA to enter the contest, however, to receive the prize package for winning, they will need to join as a member prior to listed state deadlines. All middle school and high school students are invited to submit a design package for consideration. Review the rules below, the design specifications, and the fine print portions carefully. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in disqualification.

  1. The package should consist of one trading pin, one t-shirt, one banner, and one conference / state app homepage (vertical orientation only).

  2. Design packages should reflect the state theme, SkillsUSA and its mission, and the state of South Carolina.

  3. All submissions must follow the criteria listed below. Design packages must follow the same pattern of work (font, style, color, etc.) and must include the year (“2023”) and the words “South Carolina” and “SkillsUSA” in each design.

  4. Designs must follow the National Brand Standards. The official SkillsUSA South Carolina must be used where indicated. Visit for official logos and Brand Standards. Failure to follow National Brand Standards is grounds for disqualification.

  5. Gradient colors are permitted on the banner and conference app homepage only. Gradient may not be used on the t-shirt or pin design.

  6. Copyright materials may not be used, except for the SkillsUSA logo. All work must be original and prepared by the student member.

  7. All four designs must be submitted on one high resolution .pdf file for judging. Submit your file with your name, email address, school, advisor name, and advisor email using this form: DO NOT include this information printed on the .pdf file for submission. Files should be named “[LAST NAME].[SCHOOL].pdf”

  8. All designs must be received through the online form on or before OCTOBER 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM to be considered for judging.

  9. The winning design must submit original design files (.ai or .eps format) within 1 week of notification. Other forms may be requested if needed.


Design Specifications

Trading Pin Design

  • Final production size: no more than 2” at its maximum width and height. Designs can be any shape, but they must fit within a 2”x2” box for submission. Avoid the use of fine detail, which may be lost in production.

  • Submit an enlarged design to view detail, and actual size (no larger than 2”).

  • The use of gradient colors is not permitted.

  • For die struck pins, indicate the metal color. If no color is indicated, the design is assumed to be a gold or silver colored metal.

  • Include special instructions, such as color type, CMYK or RGB spot color, special features (shape, finish, etc.). Indicate whether the pin is screen printed, die struck, embossed, or other production method.

  • Do not use the SkillsUSA logo, as the detail is too intricate to reproduce on the pin.

T-Shirt Design

  • No larger than 8.5” wide by 11” tall. Design may be printed on the front or back of the t-shirt.

  • Indicate t-shirt color. If no color is indicated, the design is assumed to be on a white shirt.

  • Must include the SkillsUSA South Carolina logo (may be used as a sleeve art or included with the t-shirt design) and theme (“Rise Up”).

  • No more than 4 colors may be used. The shirt color is not considered one of the four colors. The use of gradient colors is not permitted.

  • Include special instructions, such as color type, CMYK or RGB spot color.


Banner Design

  • Printed Size: no larger than 4’ x 8’ with ½” bleed, if necessary. Final shape must be square or rectangle.

  • Must include SkillsUSA South Carolina logo and theme (“Rise Up”).

  • Proof must be proportional to the final production size.

  • Full color designs are permitted.

  • Include special instructions, such as color type, CMYK or RGB spot color.


Conference / State App Homepage Design

  • Final design should include one vertical graphic 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall.

  • Must include the SkillsUSA South Carolina logo and theme (“Rise Up”). Do not include a conference name in the app design like you see in the Florida example.

  • Full color designs are permitted.

  • App homepage design must be submitted in RGB.


The Fine Print

Method of Selection: Designated personnel will screen all entries received for appropriateness and eligibility. All qualified entries will then move to the judging stage of the contest. Students and teachers may not campaign for designs. Depending on the number of entries, a preliminary rough and then final round may occur to narrow the field and select a winner. All results will be verified prior to the announcement of the winner. The winning student and advisor will be notified of the results.

Eligible Designs: Eligible designs will meet the below criteria.

Maintain branding standards of SkillsUSA: Designs that violate these standards may be disqualified. Please review the standards at State Association logos and other logos can be found in the Brand Assets portion of the site.

Meet the requirements outlined above: Designs that do not meet these standards, such as exceeding color limits or size requirements, may be disqualified.

  • Include the words “SkillsUSA” and “South Carolina”, as well as additional wording requirements as outlined.

  • Submitted electronically and created using professional design software, such as Adobe products. Any professional software may be used, provided it can create the necessary vector files and pdf files.

  • Submitted in the proper format

  • 1 page only, 8.5” x 11”

  • No identifying marks or writing, such as name, school, region, etc.

  • High resolution .pdf file named “[LAST NAME].[SCHOOL].pdf”

Other Contests: The Branding Contest is a separate contest and does not conflict with the Pin Design Contest, the T-Shirt Design Contest, or any other SkillsUSA Championships event at the State or National levels. This is a state only event separate from those conference competitions. Students are permitted to enter the Branding Contest, as well as an additional contest during the State Leadership & Skills Conference. Designs submitted for the branding contest may be used for State and National events, provided it meets all other criteria outlined by the contest, even if that means adjusting the design to meet those additional requirements.

Awards: First place winner will earn a gold medal and other SkillsUSA prizes. The winning student and the listed advisor of the winning student will be provided complimentary registration to the State Leadership and Skills Conference and will be recognized during the Opening Ceremony. These are non-transferrable.

Compensation: By submitted a design, you agree that all entries become the property of SkillsUSA South Carolina (and all its listed association names per bylaws and/or constitution), and the designer relinquishes any and all rights to compensation for the use of the design(s). Submitted designs may be used by SkillsUSA South Carolina for any purpose at any time.

Use of Designs: The first-place design will be featured at the 2023 SkillsUSA South Carolina State Leadership & Skills Conference in Greenville, SC, and at the 2023 National Leadership & Skills Conference in Atlanta, GA. SkillsUSA South Carolina reserves the right to adjust or make alterations to any artwork that is submitted. If in-person events are not possible, the design will be used during the corresponding virtual events. SkillsUSA South Carolina may also use the design at any other event and in any other publication, social media, or other means desired. Participation in the contest does not guarantee a minimum level of use or exposure.

Accompanying Files: A submission is one digital standard (8.5” x 11”) page with all four designs in high quality .pdf format. Submissions are not accepted by email and must be uploaded by the deadline using the online form at The winning submission will be required to submit vector (.eps or .ai) files of all artwork, fonts, backgrounds, and other necessary files within one week of selection. Specific instructions for submitting additional files will be provided to the winning student and their advisor. For your convenience, a submission template has been created for you and is available on this page (above). Simply download the template, copy and past your art into the appropriate box, scaling as necessary, and save out your PDF.