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Branding Contest

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Congratulations to our first ever Branding Contest winner, Nevaeh Smith, a first year Digital Art student from Golden Strip Career Center. As the winner, Nevaeh and her advisor have earned free registrations to the State Leadership & Skills Conference in March, and will be recognized on state at the conference. Her branding design will be used for our state t-shirts, state trading pin (for state and nationals), our state banner, and our conference app cover. Nevaeh will still be able to compete in a competition at the State Leadership & Skills Conference as well. Thank you and congratulations Nevaeh Smith!


2023 State Theme

SkillsUSA South Carolina: Rise Up


Beginning in the fall of 2022, SkillsUSA South Carolina began creating a state theme and holding a Branding Contest to determine how our state would be represented on our state t-shirts, trading pins, state banner, and conference app. Over 50 submissions came in this year which were narrowed down to a final six over several phases of judging by industry experts, with a champion being chosen by a separate, final judging panel. The state theme "Rise Up" was created as a continuation of the national theme of "Our Time Is Now". It was chosen by our 2022-2023 State Officer Team as a call to all South Carolina Career & Technical Education teachers and students to "Rise Up" and recognize that "Our Time Is Now" to showcase your amazing skills and show the nation at the National Leadership & Skills Conference exactly what SkillsUSA South Carolina can do.

The 2024 State Theme will be chosen during the summer of 2023 and announce in August 2023 so that teachers may consider this as a beginning of the year project.

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