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Score Cards

Scorecards are now downloaded and available for you to review and make changes.  You will see a copy of the most current national SkillsUSA scorecard.  It may or may not include resume and PDP testing.  Remember that we are not including either of those in the South Carolina scorecard, so we will remove it when we edit the scorecard. That will change the total points.  You may choose to leave the total less than 1000 or change point values for the standards.  The scorecard PDF is in a cloud file.  If you have trouble accessing the card due to accessing the it through the Cloud, email me or text me and I will email you the copy (there are just too many individual scorecards and Tech Chairs to email everyone’s individually).


To download the scorecard folder with all the scorecard PDF’s, select the following link or copy and paste it into the address box:


            COMING SOON



What I need from you before I can edit the card and make your final copy is the following:

  1. Review the standards and maximum points on the current scorecard

  2. Identify any standards that you want removed or added

    • Mark through and write in changes

  3. Identify any changes to the maximum points that can be awarded

    • Mark through and write in changes

  4. Determine your tie breaker (PDP WILL be removed by me)

    • Provide me with the 3 most important standards (by number) in order of importance

Once I receive this information, I will get the changes entered to update the scorecard that will be used.


The best ways for you to get me that information is to either scan (preferred) or take a mobile photo of the edited scorecard and email it to me.  The subject for that email should be: SCORECARD - name of contest.   That will help me to not miss it in the inbox.  If you wish to put a clarification regarding the scorecard in the body of the email but please do not put reference to another topic in the body of the email. I want the email to be only related to the scorecard.