National Leadership and Skills Conference

General Information

SkillsUSA Champions Digital Hub

​All competitors and their advisors should have received an email on Monday, May 24, 2021 with links and instructions to create an account on the NLSC digital hub. This is where schedules, orientation links, upload location, and more are or will be located. If you are a competitor or their Advisor and have not created your account, please do so as soon as possible. If you cannot locate your email, then contact the SkillsUSA customer care team (info at the bottom of this page)

  • Advisors - you will not have the same access that your competitors do. They will receive the updates on their scheduled competition dates/times and more. Be sure they are communicating well with you.​

Important Dates

June 1 - Release of most, if not all, competition schedules on digital hub.

             - Release of Professional Development Test and individual competition tests.

             - Payments due for NLSC.

June 7 - ALL Resumes, Safety/Integrity Forms, and Tests are due through the hub.

June 14-18 - Most competitions occur, although many occur before these dates.

June 24 - Closing Ceremonies at 3:30 pm. All are encouraged to host watch parties.


NLSC Costs

Paid participants - $95

Leverage (State Officers) Training - $50

Engage (Advisor) Training - $50

Academy of Excellence (Advisors) Training - included in $95 registration fee.


NLSC Contest Update and Resume Requirements

Go to for contest updates, resume requirements and more.

National Training

  • Leverage - required for State Officers to attend.

  • Engage - optional for Advisors

  • Academy of Excellence - optional for advisors


The National Office has provided information regarding these training opportunities and how to sign up for them HERE. These instructions are most helpful if you are only registering for this. If the training is in addition to registration, then follow the directions HERE

Note: State Officers that are not also competitors must register for the entire NLSC and Leverage so they may take part in any delegate session.

NEED HELP? Contact either of the following:

Customer Care Team - OR 844-875-4557

Madison Kenney -

Joseph Chapman -