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State Leadership and Skills Conference

Resume Submission

Resume Requirements

All contestants are required to provide a resume. The only exceptions are Pin Design and T-Shirt Design contestants, as their competitions are complete. All resumes are to be no longer than one (1) page in length and should be turned in prior to the listed deadline. With contests becoming virtual, resumes will also be provided virtually. Failure to do so may result in a 10-point deduction.

Resume Submission Instructions


File & Folder Names

  • We would prefer that you transfer ALL of your school’s resumes in a single transfer as a single folder. Folders should be labeled as “Resumes_(name of school/chapter)”.

    • Example: Resumes_HeywardCareerCenter

  • Each individual resume should be an individual file (pdf preferred), even if sent in a folder. Files should be labeled as “Resume_(last name, first name of student)”.

    • Example: Resume_Smith,John



  • Go to

  • You may transfer single files or entire folders. You may create a free account to avoid having to verify your email each time you make a transfer, or you may transfer files without an account, but will need to verify through your email each time you send anything.

    • If creating an account, click the “sign up” tab at the top right.

    • If you have an account, click the “log in” tab at the top right.

    • If you do not wish to create an account, you will start the transfer process using the transfer box on the left of your screen.



  • After deciding if you wish to use an account or not, you may transfer up to 2 GB of data at one time.

  • If sending a folder, click on “Or select folder”.

  • If sending a single file, click on “Add your files”.

  • Choose your folder or file.

  • Send to

  • Type in your email as the sender, if it is not already present. You do not need to provide a message.

  • Click “Transfer”

  • If transferring the file(s) without an account, you will have to verify the transfer through your email to complete.


  • After the transfer is complete and/or verified, you will receive an email documenting your transfer (includes verification of transfer, the file name(s), the time, and the recipient).

  • After the files have been opened and/or downloaded, you will receive another email verifying such.

  • Besides the automatically generated receipts, you will not receive any other verification.


Resume Deadline:  May 7, 2021 by 11:59 pm

Note: If your contest update mentions needing a resume on site / in-hand, available virtually, then you will need to turn in both ways. ‘Wetransfer’ will be what deductions are based off of. Any others are a part of your competition and therefore separate from the resume requirement.