Common Questions Regarding State Competitions

There are often recurring questions regarding the SkillsUSA South Carolina State Leadership and Skills Championship Competitions.  Here are some of them.  Check back often because more will be added.

1. I'm the advisor, do I need to register?

  • Yes, as an Advisor.

2. How do I know if we are registered?

  • Did you receive an invoice?

    • Yes - then you are registered

    • No - Make sure that you have clicked on the SUBMIT link in the top right hand corner of the registration page. 

  • Log into the registration site. Make sure that the last column on the right has a SUBMIT date, if not, that individual is NOT registered.  Clicked on the SUBMIT link in the top right hand corner of the registration page. 

3. How do I know what my contestants wear?

  • Download the SkillsUSA Clothing and Tools App.   It is available for most phones.  It includes a description of clothing requirements and needed tools for every competition.  There is also a photo of the appropriate clothing for each contest.

  • Look at the Technical Standards for that competition.  It describes the clothing requirements.

  • If necessary, download the Clothing Classification found on the "2020 SLSC Information" page.  Use this in conjunction with the Technical Standards to have a graphic image of the classification.

4. What are the rules?

  • First, you need the national Technical Standards.  Download at: You will need your Advisor 4 digit PIN to access the site.  As an Advisor, you received that PIN when you paid your 2019-2020 Professional Membership. 

  • State Updates - due to the abbreviated schedule at State Competitions there are often (not always) updates posted from the Technical Chairs regarding contest specifics.  These are found on the State Update page at:  If there is no update listed, it has not been received from the Technical Chair.

5. I need to ask the Technical Chair a questions, how do I contact him or her.

  • We ask that all questions go through the state office.  That way, all Advisors have equal access to all responses.  If there is a specific question, not already answered on the website, a posted State Update or in the Technical Standards, please feel free to email me at:  Please do not contact us regarding when the update will be posted - If there is one, it will be posted as soon as possible, once received.

6. We plan to save money by ordering in lunch for our contestants.  Can I do that?

  • No!  The Greenville Convention Center requires that ALL food and beverage be provided by the convention center.  NO outside food or beverage is allowed on property.  If you wish to place an order for bag lunches, contact the convention center - link coming shortly.  If food is brought onsite from the outside, you may be asked to leave the facility and eat it off site.  This would be a major problem for contestants and possibly cause a disqualification.