Total Participation Plan

Getting the most bang for your $$

Please see the attached document with the Total Participation Plan pricing for the 2018-2019 school year. Also included in this communication are reminders and tips for this year’s online affiliation plans.  

Pricing for budget planning

Click here to download the Pricing Plan

The Educational Resources minimum is $5.95 per Student Member.  

Join Members:
All CTE first and second semester students and professionals should be registered as members in the SkillsUSA membership website. Only registered members are eligible to compete in the SkillsUSA events and conferences. To verify that you have not missed joining anyone log-on to the membership website at:> click the tab at top Membership>Member Roster. A list of those who joined and members whose names have been added but not joined will appear. See column JOIN DATE. If date is missing go to ADD/Edit screen and click the underlined link Join Now next to the training program the student or professional name appears in as unsubmitted.  In addition, look for any member names that may have been omitted in error. 


Educational Resource credit:
If you have not already done so please place your required Educational Resource orders as soon as possible so that your students can benefit from the resources that you agreed to order as part of your affiliation plan. To verify the amount of credit that is available, log-on the membership website at;> click the tab at top Membership>TPP/Campus affiliation> click the button Ledger Report. Please allow five business days for orders to show as credit on this report.


Affiliation plan invoices were due within 30 days and any outstanding invoices are considered past due. Students and professionals are not considered members and are not eligible to compete until the affiliation plan invoice(s) are paid.  To verify if your school or district has paid the invoice log-on to the membership website at> click the tab Membership> add/edit members> click the button at the bottom of the page All Invoices.